Spring roe deer stalking

The long, cold winter is finally gone. Wild boar driven hunting is closed but our memories are still strong and alive. It’s springtime in Bulgaria and all around Europe. Everything wakens up as a reincarnation for new life, a better life. White landscapes of hunting areas and mountains have been colored in lively green tones. May is knocking on the door and hunters are getting ready for the coming roe deer season in Bulgaria. For many European hunters roe deer hunting lays down in their genes expressed in Europe’s common hunting traditions. Roe deer, red deer, fallow deer and chamois stalking, together with wild boar driven hunting are the most attractive and desired hunts on our continent, not only for local hunters but for hunters all around the world.

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Bulgaria is relatively small country in the South Eastern part of Europe but with various relief forms and great game animal trophies. Roe deer population is stable all around Bulgaria and roe deer is among the main hunting game species in our country. That graceful animal is usually smaller in the mountains where the food sources are scarce and roe bucks’ trophies are longer but less heavy. In the plains, where the agriculture is well developed, hunting areas offer big body roe bucks with shorter but more massive antlers. In the mountains roe deers prefer vast, open spaces without trees for the morning feeding. These favorable meadows are the best places for roe deer stalking. Unfortunately, this hunting method is beneficial till the end of June.  After June roe deers tend to prefer thick forests and stalking seems to be impossible. The roe deer hunting season is from May 1st till October 31st but for the above mentioned considerations May and June are the most active and preferred hunting months.

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It is wise during that time – before the rut season – selective hunting to be conducted, taking out bad and weak trophy roe bucks, excluding them from mating. This benefits roe deer population afterwards with strong and potential trophy bucks for the future hunting seasons.

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In many hunting areas where roe deer population flourishes taking some trophy animals out will do no harm to overall population performance. We prefer offering roe deer hunting in such hunting areas, so our clients have enough choice according to their specific needs – selective roe buck or one with serious trophy.

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We conduct the hunt with stalking in the morning and stalking combined with high seat in the late afternoon. Our practice showed us that this is the most productive way for roe deer hunting in the Balkan Mountains. We recommend at least three hunting days, so the hunter will have enough time to observe many roe bucks and choose the ones that he likes best.

Although most of our clients are experienced hunters, we have created “recommendation list” for roe deer hunter’s equipment. Stalking in May is sometimes wet activity and thus we would recommend comfortable and wet proof clothes and shoes. Compact binoculars and rangefinder are essential for observing, trophy assessment, and choosing the right roe buck. Our professional hunters will try to bring you as close as possible to the trophy roe buck but sometimes long range shots have to be taken and measuring the distance and bullet drop compensation have to be made. Any caliber from .223Rem and bigger will do the job. Of course, roe deer venison is considered great delicacy and using too big calibers will damage too much meat. Thus, magnum hunting calibers are not the most appropriate for that purpose, unless you do not care about the meat. Hunting roe deer in Bulgaria is done with rifle equipped with riflescope. Riflescope should let you take shots in between 50-300 meters. The rule in choosing riflescope is buy the best scope you can afford. Upon arrival, we always ask our clients to take several “check” shots prior to the hunt. Sometimes during travelling to the hunting area, airports and so on the riflescope gets out sighted and further sighting is obligatory. Once we are ready with equipment and rifle sighting, it is time to go some roe deer hunting.

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Personally, roe deer hunting is my favorite way of hunting because of the spring time when it is taking place. The heaviest trophies are in the plains but only the mountain can deliver those spectacular, magic, and breathtaking views. That is the reason we mostly prefer mountain roe buck hunting in Bulgaria.

The sun goes up on the horizon, the meadows grass is wet and juicy – this is the best place to stalk your trophy roe buck. As in chamois stalking in the Alps, it is useful to have long wooden stick helping yourself climbing up and down. The stick can be used as rifle monopod at the right moment. The buck is taken into the riflescope crosshairs, you hold your breath, and gently squeeze the trigger. The long waited and dreamt roe buck is at your feet. Last bite ritual is obligatory.

Weidmannsheil, dear hunter!

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