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IT IS OUR HONOR TO ORGANIZE YOU THE BEST HUNTING TRIP IN BULGARIA. +359882757510|||stefanov@ultimate-hunting.net

In Ultimate Hunting, we are dedicated to organizing great hunting adventures in Bulgaria  for our precious guests. We hunt spectacular trophy animals and this provides our clients with the best chances at having the trophy that they dream about.

We keep in mind that for us it will be another hunt to organize but for you it has to be a unique, emotional, and unforgettable adventure! From the time we greet you at the airport, to the time you leave our hunting lands, we manage every part of your hunt.

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Stefan Stefanov


Mobile: +359 882 757510

E-mail: stefanov@ultimate-hunting.net


Why hunting in Bulgaria?

Experience the emotion of seeing a 12 kg trophy Red Stag or closing to that aggressive Wild Boar Keiler. Ultimate Hunting can offer you all of the adventures you can handle.

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