Wild boar driven hunting Bulgaria 30.11.13 and 14.12.2013

Wild boar driven hunting Bulgaria

There is a huge passion about wild boar driven hunting. Wild boar driven hunting cannot be explained or told. It has to be experienced. Everybody in Bulgaria and in Europe is dreaming about that hunt. Snow, cold, and unpleasant weather are quickly forgotten after the meeting with the big wild boar keiler coming like a steam locomotive from the forest.
We made two wild boar driven hunts in Bulgaria at 30.11 and 14.12. The result was obvious in the attached photos. The hunters’ groups were compact and that allowed us to make 4 drives every day. On the first hunting day we were able to shoot 5 wild boars and on the second hunting day our hunters made 25 shots targeting a 50-60 wild boars sounder and 8 were shot successfully.
On a wild boar driven hunting in Bulgaria 30% success shot rate is considered average and 50% success rate on the running boars is excellent.
If you are dreaming about wild boar driven hunting do not hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to organize such emotional hunt in Bulgaria but also I will personally accompany you during your entire stay in Bulgaria and will be hunting side by side with you.

For wild boar driven hunting booking, please contact me on the contact info provided below:

Stefan Stefanov
Ultimate Hunting Bulgaria
+359 882 75 75 10

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