Pheasant hunting at Hunting Area Chekerica

Pheasant hunting at Hunting Area Chekerica

After the booking confirmation I called the area manager to fix the date for the pheasant hunt. Hunting Area Chekerica offers great small game hunting and the decision to hunt there was taken easily. Convenient date for the three hunters was October 21 – Monday.
At 8:00 we arrived at the farm, and while filling the hunting permits we had a mug of hot coffee. The hunt began at 8:45.
The main places where looking for pheasants were densely overgrown fields and thorns and around the canals built for irrigation. Had tramped and a field of sorghum.
Hunting helped us two hunting with a total of 4 dogs that turns 2×2 to be able to have full effect throughout. Three dogs were two wirehaired german dogs and an epagneul breton. It did not take long before the hunters managed to harvest 19 pheasants and a partridge. The hot weather was unusual for October and that was a big problem for the pointing dogs’ work but the results were there and the mood was upbeat.
Around 13:00 we finished hunting and headed to the hunting lodge tired but happy with the pleasant outing. We had additional fatigue from past hunting weekend we spent at the Hunting Area Zabardo hunting for wild boar, which was also very successful.
Obligatory photos followed with hunters and four-legged helpers, to save this beautiful hunting memory. We have commented many times with my colleagues the importance of the beautiful picture taken after a successful hunt. The memory fades with time, but beautiful photo keeps it alive for a long time. That is why do not miss the opportunity to capture your best moments to enjoy them longer.
Hunting Area Chekerica has dog training terrain and guest-hunters can visit that place all-year-round. We invite all hunters wishing to hunt small game or conduct training session for their four-legged friends to contact us to arrange with pleasure another successful outing at Hunting Area Chekerica.

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