Small game at Hunting Area Mazalat

Small game at Hunting Area Mazalat

Sometime ago I was contacted by Dobromir Nedkov – manager of Hunting Area Mazalat for possible cooperation. I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm of this young man who was proactive and wanted things he managed “to happen.”

It was about time to visit the hunting area with fellow hunters. The two hunters had their date 13.11 suitable for day to do the hunting of small game /pheasant, partridge, hare /.

Ever since our arrival in Trankovo / Small game part of the farm / got the great surprise of accommodation conditions, the hunting lodge, every detail was thought out to the smallest detail.
Three houses were built from scratch to accommodate visitors and hunters. The hunting dining hall was with a lot of trophies, very cozy indeed. The atmosphere was very cozy and the cuisine at a very high level. The pheasant soup took all the superlatives by the hunters.

The plan was to hunt pheasant, partridge, hare. Hunting territory was covered with dense and overgrown channels – the perfect habitat for pheasants. The dogs were only wirehaired pointing breed and worked very well. There were two young recruits who were taught by experienced dogs.
Two more hunters joined our group and we decided to check small and dense forest. We saw two pheasants and a hare. I was also with my finger on the trigger but with the camera. It was an interesting series of photos. A jackal and a hare run around 80-100 meters away from the nearest hunter but shooting was meaningless.
Tired but full of positive emotions we went back to the city with the idea to come back soon. Thank Dobromir Nedkov for the warm welcome and his attention to each detail of the hunt.

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